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Our Glossary

Since most of our clients are career, professional and business ladies, I thought it would be great to provide you with a glossary of frequently used terminology in the industry.

Alopecia: A condition which causes permanent hair loss. it is characterized by a shiny, unmoving scalp. There are different types and causes of alopecia.

Appointment: A mutually pre-determined time for a meeting or event.

Consultation: Client can tell us what she wants. We can determine what the client can have, how much it will cost and answer clients questions. The consultation is very important for Expert Color and Texture

Enhancement: Changing, modifying and/or adding hair to make one's hair look longer and/or fuller.

Extensions: Hair added to your own using various methods.

Fashion/Trendy Wig: Usually synthetic, not expensive, not intended to last more than a month or so.

Flapper: Sometimes the weft will un-ravel on the end of a track causing the track to flap back and forth. To repair this; no appointment is necessary, and there is no charge. Just call first.

Full Lace Wig: Wig with lace base all over.

Fungus: Usually grows and proliferates in a dark, warm, moist place. Can cause excessive dandruff, itchy scalp and hair loss.

Human Hair: Hair harvested from humans.

Lace Front: Wig with lace in the front only.

Lace Wig: Wig with lace bases. Wig can be human or synthetic hair that allows the scalp to be visible.

Pole Weaving: The original "weave" method, actually done on a weaving loom. Bronner Brothers of Atlanta made this method popular and still teach it today.

Synthetic Hair: Non human hair, made from plastics or mono filament, such as: Toyokalon, Kanekalon, etc.

Tighten: As your hair grows your "Micro-Trak" will move way from your scalp, usually in 4 to 6 weeks. It is important to keep these appointments so we can evaluate your scalp and tighten your tracks.

Track: A braid used to attach human hair wefts.

Weave: Weft hair sewn onto a track.

Weft: What is attached to the track. The hair.

Wig base: Foundation of wig to which the wig hair is attached.