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First Time

This is a Hair Weave Notice the client's own natural hair is completely covered.

This client's natural hair is braided in a circle therefore the hair does not have a natural projection, the head appears large (especially at the top), and the scalp cannot breath.

Saves Time & Money

LA Hair Enhancements are the Perfect Solution for The Busy Career, Professional, Business Lady or Housewife.

Looks so real only your hairdresser knows for sure!

Some of our ladies have had enhancements for years... And even their husbands don't know it!

This is a Hair Enhancement First, notice the perfectly natural look of the style. This client has a choice of styles.

She can even wear a high ponytail. Her head has a normal, natural looking shape.

If you saw this lady in public, you would think that this was her own hair - Right?

Though weave is a term that is widely accepted in the hair enhancement industry... that is not what we do at       LA Hair Extensions. To understand our process, let us introduce you to the product that sets us apart from the competition:
The Micro Weave Track

Cancellation Policy:

We have found that our clients really appreciate our no waiting policy.
In order for us to continue this time saving policy there are cancellation policies in place.
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