Trichotillamania-Hair Pulling

Penny's Story

     I don't really know how long I had trichotillamania, but every since I can remember I have had the problem. A dermatologist told me it was an obsessive compulsive disorder characterized by pulling hair out, he reccommended counseling, it didn't work.

      I had no idea what to do about it. My mom and grandma took me to a wig store when I was about 12 years old and bought me this God awful wig. I hated it. They wanted me to wear it to school. I refused. I just wore skull caps and scarves all the time. For years I just avoided going into public places. I stayed at home inside my house.

     Then late one night I decide to do a keyword search for hair loss in women on the Internet, I found several female hair loss solutions. I found hair replacement, too expensive; hair transplants much, much too expensive. Then I found her…The Hair Genie; she offered a free consultation for an affordable and natural looking solution.

     I couldn't believe my own eyes when she was finished. She even gave me a print out on hair care and other tips to make day to day management and styling a breeze.

     Penny revealed to Genie that by the time she got to High School, her trichotillamania was so extreme that she dropped out and later she became a recluse. She stayed locked in her house for more than 17 years, then she found LA Hair and the "Hair Genie".

If you have this or any other problem with thinning hair, female hair loss, or receding hair line…Know there is an affordable solution.