Trichotillamania-Hair Pulling

Lauren's Story

     I've been pulling my hair since elementary school. My mother and I spent 13 years looking for solutions to trichotillomania. We looked for mental and physical solutions. I was never comfortable with wigs niether synthetic or human hair.

     I remember in junior high how difficult it was for me; dealing with wigs and the compulsive hair pulling. I was always wishing for a day when I would not need a wig. I wanted to play, swim, throw my head back and laugh like the other girls, but with wigs I was always anxious. My close girlfriend preformed a miracle for prom and fixed my wig into a great up-do. I felt like a princess! I told my mom that we had to find a better solution than those one style wigs: I didn't want to go to college wearing a wig.

     In our 13 years looking for a solution, we had gone to HRS, Underground Atlanta, Mina's in College Park and all kinds of wig shops, no matter the location the solution was always the same, a wig. The synthetic wigs looked so brassy and fake in blonde, I had to purchase the darker colored ones. My mom knew my apprehensions, but felt helpless. So, in the end; I left for college wearing a wig.

     My mother suspected, it was a contributing factor to my hair pulling. She could see how unhappy I was when I went off to college, so she went into super search mode, determined to find a workable, natural looking solution. Using Google, this time her mission was to find a solution, not another wig! She found many websites, until to her surprise she found one right here in Atlanta that actually talked about trichotillomania...and a glueless, wigless solution! LA Hair's website is where she found the "The Hair Genie."

     My mother was so excited she sent me a link to the site. The testimonials with before and after photos were very convincing. There was even a personal story of a lady with my condition. She talked about having to wear the "god awful wigs," and the isolation she sufferd due to trichotillomania. When she said the "Hair Genie" gave her an affordable solution, we knew there was hope!

     We called for our free consultation. Genie was very professional from the slide show to using the tools of her trade. No one ever did that before. After so many years of over priced wig solutions and unfullfilled promises, my mother was very cautious. She had a list of questions and concerns. Genie was very patient but very direct, she made no pie in the sky promises, she simply answered our questions with just the facts. As she skillfully explained my options, I saw a real ray of hope. We (my mom, me and I think Genie herself) were all in tears near the end of our consultation.

     Her many years of experience and knowledge left both my mom and I in tears and at ease as we left the shop feeling very confident that the "Hair Genie" was the real solution.

     One week after my consultation and I had my hair. At last, I had a real solution. One that lets me laugh deep, throw my head back and enjoy life. I can even go swimming and dancing without worrying "if my wig is on right."

     I actually called Genie a couple of days later to tell her how great it was to be able to go to bed without removing my hair! That's the other great thing about LA HAIR and Genie, they care about me, if I have a problem, my Genie is only a phone call away!
Thank God for My Genie~Lauren