Hair Pulling

Trichotillamania is an obsessive compulsive disorder characterized by hair pulling. This can start in early childhood or it can occur at anytime. This disorder usually starts in areas where the "puller" thinks no one will see or notice…i.e...the back or the side of the head. It is rare that the hair is pulled out of the hairline in the front of the head, unlike what is seen in most other types of receding hair lines and female hair loss.

Even though, the hair is pulled out, this type of hair loss is rarely, if ever, permanent. There is no known way to stop this hair pulling. However, the client may recover some or all of the pulled hair over time. This hair pulling often go two steps forward and unfortunately two steps back. Even with this condition, there is still an affordable way to have a normal, healthy, natural looking head of hair.

Wigs maybe good for some ladies with this condition, but if you are single and have an active sex life, wigs can present a real problem, if you know what I mean. The best solutions are sewn by hand or clipped in. You should never use adhesives, glues and/or tapes in this case, because like I said this "pulled hair" can be re-covered, if the scalp is not damaged with chemicals. You may further damage the hair and scalp with chemicals, like adhesives and tapes. Further more it is very difficult and time consuming trying to deal with these tapes and adhesives and there are simpler solutions.

Don't despair, you still have options for logical, affordable, believable solutions.

Trichotillomania Solution
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Trichotillomania Solution
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