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Alopecia Totalis
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Every one on this page has some form of Female Hair Loss...

Hair Loss in Women can be devastating...

But there is affordable help.

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Trichotillamania / Hair Pulling
This is my expensive "Hair Weave"

I was desperte when I found LA Hair Extensions in Atlanta...I am self employed I travel a lot with my work, I was spending my entire time at home getting my hair done.

First I had to find new hair every time because the hair tangled and shedded terribly. I thought this was normal.  This hair was costing me a small fortune.  I was spending long hours at the salon, just waiting. My last appointment was for 11:AM, I left at 7:30PM. I was done, but when I realized what was left of my own hair I thouhgt I had no choice, I had no hair left. While waiting at the airport I found LA Hair on line.

Finding LA Hair Extensions was a life changing for me in more ways than one!. See the difference! My hair is growing back.


This 13 year old taught me something...You can't control what happens to you in life...But you can control how you deal with it!

This child had the best attitude, for a thirteen year old dealing with her hair pulling and how it was effecting her life.  She is such a sweet free spirit...I enjoyed working with her and her ever loving mom!



Are Worth A Thousand Words

Trichotillamania / Hair Pulling

Notes From Genie

Trichotillamania is an OCD, characterized by hair pulling. The hair loss can be from moderate to severe.  This condition effects both women and children of all ages.  Before LA Hair and "The Hair Genie", there was no mention of female hair loss in common circles, or TV commercials.  The focus was on hair loss for men.

There were no accessible cosmetic solutions for female hasir loss!

Now, manufacturers are mass producing products to address hair loss in women, there are Lace Frontals, Lace Closures, 360's Hair Pieces and Lace Wigs...all of which address this issue.  However, they are all usualiy Taped in or they are attached with adhesives, or glue. 

Removing the residue from adhesives usually require chemicals. Which may damage your scap as well as any hair  you may have left on your head.

At LA Hair,  your solution is attached using "The Hair Genie's" own Signature "Micro Trac Method" which is hand sewn, we use no adhesives,                   no chemicals.

If it's posible for your hair to grow back: We'll help you recover it!




Hair Pulling

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