Hand Sewn Human Hair Weaves & Extensions

Michelle's Story

     As you can see on my photos, I had almost no hair left around my face or in the top of my head. My hair was in bad shape as a result of bad hair weaves and a run in with a "Lace Front Wig." I did not know until I had ordered and paid my for my "lace wig" that it would be necessary to shave my remaining natural hair line to wear this wig. But I was also desperate, and did not see any other option(s)at the time.

         I made a BIG MISTAKE!

     While searching the Internet for a solution to my newly created receding hair line, I came across Genie's website. After looking at just a few before and after hair extension photos, I saw the link for "Lace Front Weave". I knew I had found somehthing good as soon as I saw the before and after photos. I called to schedule my consultation.

      During my free consultation, we looked at more before and after extension photos of other ladies with my same problem. The solutions all looked so natural and real...I was sold. Genie was very professional. She told me I had both chemical damage and stress alopecia, without even touching my head.

      I am a very busy professional, and time is of the essence to me. I love her no waiting policy. I know I can get in and out in a timely fashion. With the lace front enhancement she gave me, my hair is growing back very nicely. My receeding hair line has almost returned to normal after just 3 months following her program.