Hair Loss in Women

Pattern baldness occurs in females too. Is this a new problem? I don't think so. In fact, this type of hair loss in women happens more frequently than you may think. Even as a small child I remember older ladies in my community who always had their heads covered. They used scarves, hats, even rags. A few fortunate ones knew where to buy cheap mail order wigs. Could it be these ladies had thinning hair or perhaps they were balding or maybe even completely bald? I believe at least one of the above is true!

Hair Thinning Solution
See Bertha's Balding Story

Until now Male Pattern Baldness has always been associated with men. However, according to The Hair Academy's recent statistics… "40% of females will experience hair loss during their lifetimes." There are different reasons for this hair loss in women, but aging is the primary culprit in this type of female pattern baldness.

If your father or mother went bald at age 40 you may be going the same way at or about that same age. This type of hereditary hair loss in women maybe predictable, particularly where there is a family history of receding hairlines, thinning hair or deep frontal cowlick(s). Unfortunately this hair loss is permanent and progressive. It usually starts at the hair line, or maybe in the center of the crown; progressing to leave the entire crown area with thinning hair and ultimately balding. Your hair probably will not come back. However, there are completely natural looking affordable no glue solutions.

Of course, there are toupees for men and now the so-called "Toppers" for ladies, but they are usually very easy to spot and they can look pretty ridiculous too. There are other solutions like Lace Wigs, Lace Front Weave which maybe a better option or with today's technology and the use of "Lace", you may not necessarily need a Lace Wig yet. With "Lace" technology, and the experience of "The Hair Genie" your results can be as natural looking as your own hair.

Once again, usually no glue or tapes or any other kind of adhesives are necessary. Without the messiness of these glues, tapes and other adhesives your daily styling, maintenance and up- keep can be a lot easier than you think!