Female Pattern Balding

Bertha's Story

     For years I did nothing about my hair or my appearance. I am a cook, so keeping my hair up didn't seem possible, then I started to go bald.

     I have 4 boys- For Mother's Day my oldest son gave me a special treat. He took me to see Genie at L.A. Hair.

     Genie explained to me how she could help me with my "female pattern balding." Then she told me I was getting a "hair make-over."

     I had hear of "Hair Weaves" before, but I wasn't sure if I wanted one. When she was done I was shocked at how good I looked.

     My sons (all 4 of them) then took me out for dinner. I had not felt glamorous in a long time. If I was happy then my boys were even happier and extremely proud of my new look.

   I loved the color and the hair looked so natural and real
                 . . . I couldn't believe my own eyes!