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Fusion: The act of blending, or the state of being blended throughout. The coalescing of two objects as one. Fusion, as it relates to hair extensions and hair enhancements, is usually achieved by bonding (gluing) extension hair to your own scalp hair. There are a number of accepted methods for this. Fusion was originally introduced by a gentleman named Howard Torrain (pictured below) as the only way to successfully enhance European hair. That was back in the 70s. There are many claiming to have invented this method (not true) and lately there have been all kinds of modifications to his method. As a matter of fact, since "hair-weaving" has become known to everyone, new-comers have come up with all kinds of ways to do this.

Fusion Torrain

There are plastic beads, metal clamps, and zip-lock types. None of these methods are proven effective. The orginial method is still the best.
However, there has been one notable improvement over the original method. Instead of using a hot pot or a hot glue gun, now you can buy the hair with the adhesive tips already on it. Forget beads and steel balls and zip locked hair. None of these methods really work.
When done properly, theoretically, fusion can lasts longer than hand sewn. Usually the client experiences these fusion pieces falling out daily with their own hair still attached. Therefore, it is necesary to have them replaced every week or so. This is very expensive.
As with any hair enhancement, you should always have a consultation. That way you can get the information you will need to make an intelligent decision regarding your hair enhancement. During your consultation at LA Hair we will explain the pros and cons of any method you choose, including fusion. Should you select the fusion method, we will pre-tipped Premium 100% Remi Human Hair, or you may bring your own.
The process takes anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the style you desire and how much hair you need. This method is not reccommended for most people.