Hair Thinning

Hair Recovery from Bad Weaves & Braids

Thinning hair can be a real problem, especially around the face and in the top. There are very few hair styles that can be achieved without hair in the front of your face. Unfortunately many ladies today have created their own thinning hair lines in an effort to solve their hair issues. The effects of bad sew in hair weaves, full weaves, fusion extensions, quick weaves, bonding, chemicals, gels and adhesives have left behind a whole lot of thinning hair.

Manufacturers in China and India are licking their chops at the money they know they will make as long as they can continue to sell you these destructive methods of addressing your hair loss issues.

As a matter of fact they have now flooded the market with "top pieces", "closure pieces", etc to address the thinning that has been created mostly by their products.

At LA Hair we've offered our clients "Lace Front Weave" for years. With this method our clients usually recover their own hair in 6 to 12 months as long as the follicle is not dead. The lace wig is not the solution to this pre-mature hair loss in women. The Lace Wig sets you up to never recover your lost hair line, and this can cost you plenty.

Hair Thinning Solution
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Hair Thinning Solution
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