Hair Thinning

Rolinda's Story

     I needed a lot of help with my hair.

     Here's my story. I had just graduated college, landed my dream job got myself a cool car. I was finally ready to start living it up. Just one problem, though. My hair was shot. My damaged hair in the front was so bad I had no hair left to cover my weave tracks. I had been using glue and getting bad sew-in weaves since high school.

     My receding hair line was progressing daily, I was scared. A friend of mine told me about this lady "The Hair Genie" at LA Hair in Atlanta. I found LA Hair on the Internet, called the number and the voice greeting said something about a "lace front hair enhancement".

     I got excited by the before and after extension photos on the website. I was ready to give this lady my money and my hair problem.

      During the consult I saw photos of how real she could make this lace front weave look. I booked my "attachment appointment" paid the deposit and left very excited.

     After my attachement, I was so excited, I didn't know how to act. I have never regretted it. My hair looks great and my own hair is growing nicely. I can even wear it in a ponytial or an up-do. I had never heard of being able to wear a weave in an up-do before. If you need a little help with your hair...she's the one.

                    Genie made my world complete.
I don't know what I'd do right now without her skills.