Hair Thinning Solutions

Aletha's Story

   I'm so glad I found Genie!

I really needed help with my thinning hair. My hair had become very thin in the top and around my face from wearing full sew in weave for years.

     For years I had horrible dandruff. My head itched so bad I couldn't stand it. Genie said traction alopecia was one of my problems, she said it is rampant amoung African Americam women due to full sew in weaves.

     Genie also said this method does not allow proper hygiene. Which can result in a fungus. The full sew in weaves creates the perfect medium for growing this fungus., a dark, warm, place...My scalp. The itching and hair loss could be due to this fungus, she said. I was shocked!

     Genie then gave me a faster hair growth and re-covery plan which included an easy to manage perfect solution for my day to day glamour.

     With this method I can shampoo my hair, clean and stimulate my scalp properly, I can even touch up my relaxer without removing her tiny little micro tracks.

Now my hair is always fresh & clean and it's so seay to style and maintain...I love it!