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Many people come to us because they want longer and or fuller hair.

...And they get just that. Why?

Because we understand what the moon phase has to do with helping you achieve the longest fullest hair possible.

That's how we help you help your hair grow faster.   Now we will email you the best time to cut or trim your hair based on the moon phase.

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     You maybe asking yourself- "how can I make my hair grow faster?"...And what on earth does the moon have to do with how my hair grows? The answer is the moon has everything to do with the growth of everything.

     Not so long ago when we were mostly farmers, people grew their own food. They also used a little book called the "Farmer's Almanac" to determine when to plant to get the most out of their crops. Native Americans lived in accordance to nature and by moon phases. My great grandmother was raised on a Native American reservation in Mississippi, so it is safe to assume that she was Native American. Her daughter, my grandmother shared this knowledge with me.

     My grandmother lived with us when I was small and she had hair so long it required two or more people to complete her long braids. Grandma always caught water from the first rain after the spring solstice to wash her hair, and she always trimmed her hair in the proper moon phases.

     Now we live in a post industrial society and our food is mass produced, so the little book is almost obsolete, but it's still around. It is used by many successful farmers and modern day landscapers today...Why?

     Because we are connected to the universe; you will get a better crop if you plant when the universal energy is growing. Using that same idea you will get longer fuller hair if your ends are trimmed in the proper moon phases. Make sense?

     One of or primary goals at LA Hair is to educate you as to how you can get the most out of your own natural hair, while keeping you looking absolutely glamorous everyday until you get there.