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The Joy of a cheap price is soon forgotten...
When you realize what you got for your money!

Congratulations! Your bad hair days are finally over! With minimum care, you will enjoy the benefits of your initial investment for many months, perhaps even years. How long will it last? That is depends on how well you take care of it.


At LA Hair we offer only natural, unprocessed human hair: Sourced from high end wig manufacturers in Southern Italy:  Our hair is not processed to look like different hair types, it is sourced from various ethnicities, which is why it is available in any and all human hair colors, textures and types. It is “real” human hair and so it must be properly maintained. When you follow these simple, easy time saving tips and tricks…you will get the most for your money with LA Hair Extensions…Guaranteed!

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For All Extension Hair Types…HUMAN HAIR IS HUMAN HAIR!                                                                     You must shampoo, condition and groom it regularly to avoid dry, matted, tangled hair. You may experience some minor shedding even in our best quality hair, when your hair is new. However, this shedding should only last a few days, once the loose strands (caused by cutting the wefts) are all out this shedding will stop.

Daily Care for Your Hair Extensions… The First 10 Days:

                   You must apply "The Conditioner" by Paul Mitchell for the first 10 days!

Caution: You should never use Reconstructive or protein intense conditioner(s) or any other kind of conditioner(s) intended for professional use only. When used improperly, these products can damage your hair.


Paul Mitchell "The Conditioner" Is the best leave in conditioner I have ever found and I’ve suggested it above all others for over 35 years. ("The Conditioner" ensures your hair will become more beautiful within 10 days after your attachment.)

At night prior to going to bed cover all hair lightly with P.M’s "The Conditioner"; be sure to lift up extension hair to cover your own hair underneath as well. Then use a wide tooth comb or Teflon tipped brush to distribute "The Conditioner" to all hair, from root to end, remove all tangle (see instructions for removing tangles below). Moisturize nightly or daily for the first week or so (7-10 days). If your hair still feels dry, continue using "The Conditioner" at night until hair feels soft and silky.

You will know that your hair has reached premium moisture level when the hair feels naturally soft and silky and has a natural sheen. After the desired moisture level is achieved in your new hair, only use this moisturizing regiment after shampoo or if the hair begins to feel dry…and after spa services and swimming in chlorine treated water.

How to Care for Your New Human Hair Extensions

“Any hair loss Solution, that does not include DIY hygiene…Is not really a solution”.

At LA Hair we are proudly known for our unique no adhesive, “Micro Trac Method” which allows you to be able to access your own scalp, for proper hygiene. With your “hair loss solution” you will need to learn a few new tricks, Genie will patiently walk you through your own routine, which will be specific to your individual hair loss issue and your own type of hair.

Your new hair is “100% Real Human Hair”, therefore it will require regular routine shampooing and conditioning. It is also necessary for you to keep your scalp healthy, and your own hair properly moisturized.

Regardless of your ethnicity: All hair care begins with proper care of your scalp. No need to buy special products for your new hair, because it will be the same type and texture as your very own.  Therefore you may continue using any shampoo and moisturizing conditioner you have used successfully in the past with your own hair…and keep in mind you can always: Ask Genie.

Since all humans do not have the same kind of hair, it is necessary to follow instructions for your own hair type as defined below. Here, you will find specific information regarding maintenance, grooming and styling specifically for your own hair type. 

 Shampoo & Condition:  Shampoo and conditioning techniques do not vary greatly by hair type; you clean most hair about the same way. Before shampooing, you must remove any and all tangles from the hair by using a Teflon tipped brush or an Afro style wide tooth shampoo comb. You will gently remove any and all tangles, starting at the end of the hair and working upwards towards your scalp.

Once the hair is tangle free, use warm water to shampoo your hair. Begin by applying the shampoo and scrubbing your scalp thoroughly with your finger tips. Pull your fingers through the hair from the scalp to the end, to keep tangles out while saturating and distributing the shampoo throughout all of the hair. Do not tangle the hair itself any more than necessary to clean it, especially longer hair. Never use hot water on your hair your face or your neck.                                        Hot water causes dryness, snarls and tangles in hair… and it dries and damages the skin. Would you wash a wool sweater in hot water?  Hair is the same thing as wool…they’re both made of Keratin.

Rinse hair with warm water; again, pull your fingers through from scalp to end removing any and all tangles, during the process. Apply your, regular rinse out, moisturizing conditioner while the hair is still warm. Use comb or brush for additional distribution of product. Pull hair to top of head and clip it while showering. If your hair is damaged, cover your hair with a plastic shower cap after applying conditioner.  You may leave the conditioner in as long as possible…the longer the better…a moisturizing conditioner cannot harm your hair. Your final rinse however, must be  COLD water!

If you find the cold water too uncomfortable in the shower, go a head… rinse with warm water, then use a spray bottle saturate your hair with cold water once you leave the shower. This will close the cuticle on the hair leaving it shiny, softer, and very easy to manage.

Tip: Try using the kitchen sink’s vegetable sprayer for your final cold rinse. You’ll know it’s working by the natural sheen on the hair and how the comb/brush just slides straight through it.

Find Your Type and Texture of Hair:

There is no getting around it: The one thing that makes us different; is our skin and various hair types and textures. This variance calls for different maintenance and grooming requirements. So find the hair type and texture that corresponds best with your own, if you have questions just: Ask Genie.

Afro (Black) Textured Permed/Relaxed Hair: Typically, your hair will require less frequent shampooing, because your scalp does not produce oil. This type hair and scalp must be moisturized with natural oils; especially after shampooing. Do not use products that contain lots of alcohol on this type of hair. You should use spray on oil sheen on your Afro hair for grooming and sheen…and you should know, you’ve got to oil your scalp, especially when and where it is cold.

You can air dry your hair or blow dry it, flat iron, curl it, or use Hot Box rollers, you will style all of your hair the same as always. Use Paul Mitchell’s “The Conditioner The Conditioner” a leave in conditioner’ on all of the hair, before blow drying or using any type of heat on it.  Use this leave in conditioner at night…to flat iron or curl the next day. This will help protect your hair leaving it moist, softer and healthier.   

Afro (Natural) Black Hair: Corn Rows, Braids, Locks; shampoo hair with any shampoo that works on your own hair. Use conditioner specific for your natural hair style. Oil your scalp with natural oils as regularly as needed, at least weekly, and especially after shampooing. No need to put oil on the hair, just your scalp, message scalp vigorously with your fingertips during the process.

Hair in these styles must be allowed ample time to air dry, depending on the porosity and the texture of the hair. If you are new to natural hair; use this link to determine the texture and porosity of your own natural hair. Use fingers for styling.

European (White Girl) Hair Extensions: You should shampoo as needed. However, since all human hair needs oil, and your scalp produces it own oil, your added hair needs oil too.  Your new hair will absorb excessive scalp oil, meaning a lot less shampooing for you. In fact, you must be careful not to over-shampoo your hair now. The number one cause of damage and dryness for this type of hair is over shampooing! Most of my client’s say, after getting extensions once or twice a week is sufficient.

If your hair is basically straight for styling, you can curl it with heat, a flat iron, or hot box rollers after shampoo. You should test this hair for heat sensitivity before using heated devices on it, usually med heat is sufficient. For daily styling of this type hair “The Genie Roll” will allow you to have gorgeous hair every day, while curling it just once between shampoos.  Using the “Genie Roll” to preserve your hair style takes less than 5 minutes before bed. You wake up with full loose body waved hair everyday…and it’s as easy as 1-2-3!…

If your hair is difficult to manage, and feels dry, try shampooing less. And use “Paul Mitchell’s Leave-in The Conditioner”, as described, every night for 10 nights or until you hair feels soft and healthy again.

Straight Asian “Virgin” Hair:  Shampoo as needed.  Use any shampoo and conditioner you normally use on your own hair. You will use same shampoo technique as described above. If your hair is basically straight you can curl it with heat, flat iron, hot curlers or hot box rollers after shampoo for body and styling. You should test this hair for heat sensitivity before using heated devices on it, usually med heat is sufficient.

Curly/Asian & Afro Asian Hair: Shampoo and condition hair as usual, scrub the scalp, and the hair. When the hair has is naturally curly, for grooming purposes use “Wave Nouveau” Moisturizing finishing lotion by “Softsheen Carson. Using your fingers; distribute the lotion from scalp to ends of hair after shampoo. Let hair air dry, then spray with the “Wave Nouveau Moisturizing finishing Mist” to retain your natural curl pattern.

For daily maintenance, use Wave Nouveau Moisturizing finishing Mist for moisture, body and sheen. For greater curl definition; try braiding the hair with these products in it. Spray and arrange hair with your fingers.

For dry hair you should mix “The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell” half and half with water. Shake it well, very well. Spray hair lightly with this solution, just dampen it, do not use too much to weigh the hair down. You should not comb or brush this curly type hair, if you plan to wear it curly, use fingers to style.  Use “The Conditioner” before you straighten it with a flat iron.

Bi-Racial Hair: This type of hair varies, depending on your own individual hair texture, which will depend on your own unique exotic, ethnic blend. If your extension hair is curly, it is probably “Virgin Hair” from India.  Asian hair is the easiest hair to source here in the US. This hair is typically called “Virgin Hair” it can be very in-expensive and is sold in “bundles”, it tends to be thin, especially on the ends… and usually, getting thinner with daily wear, it doesn’t last very long.  You will manage it the same way as (Curly Asian hair see above.)

For dry hair you should mix “The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell” half and half with water. Shake it well, very well. Spray hair lightly with this solution, just dampen it, do not use too much, to weigh the hair down. Use finger to pull it through all of the hair on your head, braid a let air dry naturally…or straighten and curl if desired. Asian hair usually does not have good curl retention. Use PM leave in The Conditioner the night before to use heated styling tools the next day. (Test appliance before use…Usually med to high heat in required.

For the health of your hair…the “Hot Box Rollers” are better than heated appliances. You will also learn the  “Genie Roll” at the time of your initial service. You will be able to get full loose body waves or gorgeous curls in just 5 minutes or less…and the best part is; your style will last from shampoo to shampoo.  No heat needed!

Ask Genie about the “Genie Roll…do it in 5 minutes or less…Guaranteed!

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