Damaged Hair

Different Damaged Hair Types

There are many ways to damage your hair. Some of the more popular ones are:

  • Bad Weaves
  • Braids
  • Fusion
  • Color
  • Over use of Shampoo
  • Hot Water
  • Bleach
  • Sun
  • Excessive Heat
  • Chemical Relaxers
  • Straightners
  • Perms

  • Damage to your hair can occur without you even knowing why. Above are some of the most frequent causes we see here at LA Hair. Over the years we have provided damaged hair re-growth for hundreds of glamorus ladies who needed a little help with their damaged hair. Here you may find what you are doing to damage your precious hair.

    Black Hair:     

    Typically chemical damage can result with improper use of straightners. This usually happens when women choose to wear weaves where the extension hair does not match their texture. In these instances the chemical (relaxer) maybe applied too frequently, often overlapping, in a desperate attempt to make the textures match. These ladies often use heavy alcohol based gels around their hair line and crown areas, to keep "the edges down." Hair loss from chemical damage can be a direct result of Traction Alopecia from full "sew in" weaves and chemical burn out.

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    European Hair:     

    This damage has traditionally come from the use of hair color, especially bleach, and the practice of daily shampooing. Nowadays it may also be from adhesives used in Fusion extenstions and other glue-in methods or it may even be from chemical straighteners. No one seems to get perms anymore. Whether it is Fusion, Infusion, Cold Fusion, Quick Weave, Bonding or Strand by Strand, all of these methods involve the use of adhesives; and adhesives will damage both your hair and or your scalp.

    Note: Daily shampooing is not necessary with extensions.
    Because human hair extension hair will absorb much of the excess oils from your natural hair.
    Genie will explain in detail.

    Chemical Damaged Hair Solution
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    Bottom line, there are only 2 ways to put extenstions in your hair and expect them to last past a good shampoo; you are either going to glue them or sew them. The glued tracks will not hold.

    Beware of "Fusion" extensions, some clever marketing people came up with naming the adhesive used for fusion extensions "Keratin," which is the protein of which hair is made, but believe me, this is not healthy protein for your hair. It will damage your hair ultimately.

    You can buy all kinds of expensive conditioners that promise miracles, or go to unscrupulous professionals who will invariably charge you what I call "fear" fees, but believe me; if it's dead; using expensive products or treatments is like watering a dead plant. Cutting your hair can actually make your hair grow faster. Cut your losses sign up for your "Secrets" newsletter to learn when to cut your hair for faster hair growth. Follow our hair care tips and advice to make your hair grow faster than ever before.