Chemically Damaged Hair

Roslyn's Story

     After living in Australia for 3 years my hair had had the worse of it. It was dry, damaged and breaking. I didn't have a clue what to do about it. So I decided to just get a weave; cover it up and hope for the best. I found LA Hair on the Internet and was very excited to see that this website was about a lot more than weaving . . . In fact when I called I was told "The Hair Genie" does not weave, because that would cause even more damage. She said if I needed a little help with my hair she'd be happy to give me a FREE consultation. I accepted her offer.

     The first thing I noticed was how professional she was. I was impressed with the before and after photos on the website. What she showed me at her shop blew my mind. I knew given the condition of my own hair; my hair could never look that good. I was wrong, very wrong. She aced it!

     Genie then took me to school about hair and hair enhancements, but more importantly she offered me options which would allow me to re-grow my own hair. By the time she was finished I had all the information I needed to grow a healthy head of hair of my own . . . And look spectacular while growing it!.