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Lacondria's Story

     When LaCondria came to my shop her hair was damaged from chemicals, excessive heat, and the early signs of alopecia areata. I could see it right away; LaCondria had no idea she was an attractive young lady, she just needed help with her hair. After a thorough consultation, she explained to me that she had tried everything to just make her hair look normal.BeforeBefore I told her that all of those experiments had done extensive damage. I explained each type of damage to her and what it would take to recover the losses. I also cautioned her that some problems may be hereditary and not recoverable. She was very thankful for the information that I shared but became nervous when she started to think about the cost of recovering her hair.

LaCondria was a college student with very limited funds, but she really did need help. So I put together a payment program that allowed her to pay in installments that she could actually afford. You can see in her before pictures that her hair and bangs are short and damaged.

     I gave her a routine which included stimulation of her scalp, hair trimmings in the proper moon phases and our "Sew Real" hair enhancement-which does not damage the hair or scalp. LaCondria stuck religiously to her recovery schedule. In about 2 years, LaCondria was able to graduate not just from school but out of our "Sew Real" hair enhancement. This hair growth was consistent through-out the head. Even though I suspect her alopecia maybe hereditary, the areas where there were early stages of alopecia areata showed significant hair growth. LaCondria has graduated college and is now doing her internship in another state. Since her hair recovery was so successful, we were able to move LaCondria to our "Clip-in" hair enhancements.

"Clip-In" Hair Enhancments

LaCondria in 'clip-in'

"Sew Real" Hair Enhancements


     I had a real problem, my hair simply would not grow. No matter what I did it just grew so long and started to break. Spots that were nearly bald were becoming balder. I needed some serious help. That's when I found my Genie. She really educated me as to how to deal with my hair.

     Just look at the growth in my bangs. I have to get them trimmed to keep them out of my eyes, and no more bald spots. I actually have a full head of hair now. I used my newly found confidence to land a much sought after internship in my field of study.

     I feel beautiful, confident and empowered...

          Thanks Genie


LaCondria in 'clip-in'