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You just measure these three areas...
Then Make the call.


We'll do your consultation over the phone and Custom Make your E-Z 123 Full Head Clip in Human Hair Extensions and Ship Them to you.

Shipping is FREE

For Female Hair Loss Solutions


Do-it Your Self 

E-Z 1-2-3 Clip In Hair Extensions

Scheduling Your FREE Consultation

Just Call Me...Appointments are scheduled at your convenience for your convenience.


Preparing for Your FREE Consultation for Hair Loss Solutions!

1.  Shampoo Hair style as usual

2.  Bring a Picture of what you  expect your hair to look like.                                                               (Bring any picture of anyone...actress/model,etc.)

3.  Hair must be the color you want us to match.

4.  Write down and present any questions you may have.

5.  Be On Time for Your Appointment!

 Can't keep your scheduled appointment?                                      Please advise us as soon as you can to either re-schedule or cancel your appointment.




What You Get at Your Free Consultation
 1.  A  hair texture analysis and scalp evaluation

 2. Style Analysis                                                                         3.  Expert Color and Texture Matching                                         4.  Color /  Skin Tone Analysis (Finding your best color option)

Fully Discuss Your Cosmetic Options

Once you decide to move forward.

1.  We order your hair, especially for you.

2.  Discuss all cost, including hair care and on going maintenance requirements.  

3.  You will then apy for your hair.  This payment is not refundable.  Once you pay the hair is yours.

Schedule an appointment for your attachment.




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