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Clip on hair Extensions

Bridget's Story: "Kwik-Fix was just what I needed"

This is how I looked when I arrived at LA Hair (on the left). I had had it with my mid-length hair. It seemed that every time it grew out a little, it was time for a trim. After the trim, it went right back to mid-length again. I always wound up right where I started. Then, I saw a commercial on TV about clip-on weave tracks. I ordered them, but they were not the answer to my problem. The hair was too silky and I needed about ten of them to achieve my look. Putting them in took too long. One day A co-worker told me about Genie. She gave me her number so I called Genie and she offered me a free consultation, which she insisted was the only way for her to determine what I really needed. I was impressed with her, even over the phone, she was very professional. I knew I was in good hands. I felt she knew what she was talking about. I was further impressed when she directed me to her website, there I saw before and after pictures of all kinds of extensions, weaves and hair enhancements. I had never had a consultation before. I was excited to meet this lady. The consultation was all the way professional. Using a color key and a tape measurer...she measured my head and matched my hair for both color and texture. She then told me the deal, my hair would be ready in 3 days she said. I made a deposit and returned in three days for my new hair, which was like she said "ready". Instead of trying to clip in ten pieces of hair, she gave me only three pieces of hair that looked exactly like my own. She took the time to show me how to clip my new hair in, then she styled and cut it in such a way that it blended flawlessly with my own hair. (See my picture on the right) It looks perfect in low, bright or even day-light! I chose this gorgeous "Virgin Remi Body Wave." It moves when I move and looks/feels perfectly natural. It's undetectable. No lumps or bumps, and oh yes: no tangles. I was so pleased I bought two sets in two different colors.

Honey's Story: "I needed a little help with my hair! My Hair simply will not grow on the sides."

For some reason, my hair simply will not grow on the sides. During my free consultation with Genie, I told her about my limited budget.
She told me how I could use "Kwik-Fix" Snap-In Tracks. They cost less than the standard weave or extensions and my "Kwik Fix" clip in extensions look good, and works just as well!
Genie took my measurements, for a custom fit. Then she decided to give me some killer low-lights. She gave me a date to pick them up. When I came back, she very patiently showed me how to attach them myself. I was nervous at first, I didn't think I cound do it by myself, but after a couple of tries I got it. She made it as easy as 1-2-3.
Genie then cut and blended my custom, expertly matched extensions so well I couldn't tell which hair was mine. Several weeks later, when I visited my native Honduras, my mother didn't even know it was not my hair, until I told her...I was the talk of the town!