Connie's Story

     For years, I was having my hair weave done in corn rows that did not allow for proper hair care, I couldn't comb, groom or clean and condition my own hair.

     My hair thinning was getting worse by the day, especially in the top.

     It seemed this hair loss was not going to stop until I was completely bald. And the itching and the smell of the weaves were driving me crazy. The dermatologist told me it was alopecia. Ultimately I resorted to wigs. I really haited wearing wigs. I found them very uncomfortable, especially in romantic situations. Ever try sleeping in a wig? I had soon had it with the expensive wigs from the "hair replacement" professionals. Every solution seemed to involved glue. Talking about a mess.

     Then out of desperation I turned to "Google" this time I typed in "Alopecia" instead of "hair loss in women", there I found it. A website of a local salon with before and after extension and weave photos of glamourous ladies who had various types of hair loss including Alopecia. The after photos were unbelievable. I was so impressed with just the website and what I found there, I called at midnight and left a message.

     I was so impressed with the voice mail greeting. . .the informaiton, the professionalism. . .I knew this was it! Being the professional business lady she is, Genie called me back the next morning to offer a free consultation. She was very familiar with my condition, she listened compassionately and explained my options in detail, with no pressure at all. I was shocked when she gave me her estimate. . .I expected and was accustomed to paying more, much more. I told her so.

She explained to me she works with working women, so she tries to keep her prices affordable. Then she said the magic words "No Glue". I was ready to do it then, but she suggested I take the estimate, think about it, and call her back if I wanted to proceed.

     I have been coming to Genie for over 3 years now. My alopecia is progressing but I am completely satisfied with my "no glue" hair loss solution.