Aerata Alopecia

Chloe's Story

     Hair loss for me was devastating! I was desperate. It started with thinning and proceeded to a receding hair line. My doctor told me it was alopecia areata. My hairline started to recede at age 24. I had no idea where to turn, so I just wore wigs.

     Wigs are very un-comfortable, especially in romantic situations. I was so self conscious I couldn't allow myself to relax in these situations. That was about 12 years ago. I felt so self conscious,I avoided close encounters of the romantic kind. I'd stopped dating by the time I was 27.

     I looked into hair replacement, but it was so expensive, and I didn't want to get into using tapes and adhesives on my scalp. A transplant was out of the question for my budget. I had heard about "Lace Front Wigs", though I had no idea what a lace front wig was. I went on line and typed in keyword "Lace front";…and LA Hair came up in my search results. I couldn't believe what I saw "Lace Front Weave;" and the pictures looked amazingly real! I'd never heard of such a thing, but these were not lace wigs,..

     Genie hooked me up with the most natural looking and feeling "lace front weave". That's right it looks real, it's cool, it's comfortable, it's easy to clean my scalp, and most of all, it's attached to my head without glue or any kind of adhesive and thank God it is not a wig!.

Genie has been keeping me glamorous for more than 6 years now, my nightly prayers include this line "please don't take my Genie away."